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Radar Protection

Radar Protection

Newer cars dampen the driver from feeling their actual speed, making it easy to go over the limit unintentionally. Our advanced radar protection systems notify you ahead of time & alert you of possible speed traps ahead on the road.

Laser Protection

Laser Protection

When you are being targeted by a police laser gun, the most noticeable alert will trigger in your vehicle, giving you the time to slow down. Meanwhile, the laser protection system will be deactivating the laser signal with a powerful return pulse at the same frequency. In simpler words, you will be jamming the police laser gun.

Integrated GPS

Integrated GPS

Our systems with built-in GPS allows you to build your own database of locations that are important to you. Mark to Alert for locations such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones and portable cameras. This system will allow you to know where potential radar zones are, so you can stay ticket-free.

Radar Integration

Full Integration

Unlike any other radar systems or portable detectors on the market, our fully integrated radar systems are invisible. No plugs, no wires, no unsightly box to compromise the elegance of your interior, or draw the attention of police or vandals. This allows a truly stealth install with the best results.

Why Traffic Jams for your Radar Integration?

We are the experts in Buford, GA

Our mission is to provide our clients with first-rate customer service and paramount results thanks to our stellar team of audio specialists. Without quality, volume is just noise. Allow us the opportunity to give your vehicle the VIP treatment it deserves.

Whether your mode of transportation is a car, truck, boat or motorcycle, none is a challenge at Traffic Jams. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers cutting edge technology thanks to top of the line vendors.

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